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Posted 04/12/2021 in Natural Stones

ONYX: Natural Stone for Interior Design

ONYX: Natural Stone for Interior Design

Onyx is an aesthetically striking material, considered to be semi-precious stone. It is a sedimentary rock that is a variety of quartz similar to chalcedony. It is defined as an agata and has straight and parallel strips of different colors. 

Onyx is a material used mostly for interior decoration, especially when the image of luxury and glamour is to be transmitted. Onyx can be easily found out displayed as under exotics section of any natural stone showroom around the world.

Occurrence: As a sedimentary rock with varied provenance. Most valued onyx are found in Mexico, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. It is also found in other parts of the world.

ColorsOnyx is available in a wide range of colors – white, yellow, orange, pink, red, green, blue, brown and black.

The white onyx marble, is very popular, especially that have golden incrustations on it, such as the white onyx from Iran. The ‘Sand’ or Brown onyx with perpendicular veins is a favorite one for many of the buyers. Blue onyx marble is another color people ask for. The pink onyx marble is also very much in demand, but because of its Premium price, people go for other alternatives.

Honey Onyx marble, sort of orange and yellow shade are in high demand across the world now a days because it creates a great visual impact when illuminated with light.

Green Onyx
Pink Onyx
Rainbow Onyx
Tiger Skin Onyx
White Onyx

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Translucency: Onyx is a translucent material and can be illuminated with light to create very soothing and elegant environment. It is because this property, onyx is a material of demand for the interiors of new buildings, homes and offices now a days. The level of translucency depends on the color, thickness and finish of the surface.

Illuminated Onyx

Extraction and Processing: Onyx is not a strong material, it is like crystal. The extraction of blocks in the quarries can be complicated. Unlike granite and marble, big size blocks are difficult to obtain.

The processing in the factories is not that easy, which contributes to its higher price compared to marble. The slabs tend to be of small sizes such as 1.5 x 1.5 m.

Applications: The applications for onyx are always for interiors, it is not advisable to use onyx for exteriors or for floorings. Onyx can be used in: walls, reception bars in hotels, in the bars, staircases, furniture, and decorative elements. Being a versatile element, it can be adapted to all kinds of styles and different designs.Onyx used in Bathroom

Buyer should keep in mind that it is a soft material. With daily uses, scratches can appear and spots can be formed. Therefore special care and frequent cleaning is needed. It is necessary to strengthen it with fiber glass before using.