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Marble Processing

Shree Salasar Marble carefully sources its range of natural stone from the best of quarries within India and also internationally. The stones are supervised and managed at the sourcing site and on reaching the factory they are carefully treated and cut to appropriate sizes based on client specifications.

At Shree Salasar Marble we have expert human resources as well as the latest infrastructure to manage the entire processing of marble blocks activities.The basic process we follow is that, once we receive the raw marble blocks from the mines they are unloaded at the factory site for processing to begin. Once this is done the blocks are then dressed on all the sides.Post dressing, the slabs are then reinforced with fibre glass net and a semi-solid reinforcement solution is pasted on the exterior of the blocks and the blocks are then set aside for curing for about 24 hours.

Once the blocks are cured they are then shifted to the cutting area where they are cut to specification. Grinding, resin treatment and polishing are also offered to create a truly beautiful and ready to layout natural stone slabs.

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